Crochet thread ring: Now it's round!

It's magic

The best start for circular pieces: crochet a thread ring! And by the way, it's also called a magic ring. Find out what's so magical about it here!

Crochet thread ring, magic ring instructions

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Crochet great little animals

Here are the thread ring instructions for you! You start with an initial loop. Wrap the thread twice around your thumb and stitch with the needle from top to bottom through the first loop on your thumb and pull the thread through. Now fix the initial loop with your fingers, get the thread and pull it through the loop on the needle.

Now you start with solid stitches - but stitch into the circle to get the yarn. Now you have two loops on the crochet hook, pick up the yarn again and pull it through the two loops on the hook. In this way you can pick up any number of stitches. In the video we show you how to crochet a thread ring step by step!

Magic Ring: What can it do?

What is so magical about the magic ring? It's simple: after you have picked up the desired number of stitches in the thread ring, you pull on the starting thread and the circle closes. Hocus pocus! This thread ring is especially helpful when learning to crochet.

Crochet,Crochet hooks, Crochet dress,Crochet potholders, How to crochet,

What do I need to crochet a thread ring for?

The magic ring is the ideal start for round crochet projects such as hats or flowers, but also for granny squares or the popular amigurumi animals. So the thread ring crochet is versatile. Once you've mastered it, you'll understand every amigurumi instruction all the better and can quickly create crochet flowers and the like.

Crochet round: An alternative to the thread ring

Of course, the thread ring is not the only option when you want to crochet circles. Alternatively, you can close a chain of air stitches with a chain stitch to form a circle. The number of air stitches depends on the thickness of the yarn. The only important thing is to keep the hole in the middle as small as possible. Then you continue as usual with solid stitches.


Crochet thread ring: Instruction

If you want to crochet a flat ring of yarn, you must regularly increase stitches. For example, if you have six solid stitches in the first circle, you should increase six stitches per round. For half stitches you need to increase eight stitches and for double stitches you need to increase thirteen stitches.

Crochet,Crochet hooks, Crochet dress,Crochet potholders, How to crochet,

Crochet spiral rounds and crochet in rounds: What is the difference?

Spiral round crochet is simply crochet round after round - without air and chain stitches. If you don't crochet a pattern and always use the same yarn, this is no problem at all. For patterns and colour changes, however, you should crochet in rounds. Each round of the thread ring is closed with a chain stitch (which is counted as a stitch!), the new round starts with an air stitch and then continues with the solid stitches. As you can see, there is a lot to discover when learning to crochet.

And don't forget to count stitches

And finally, a very important tip: When crocheting in rounds, always count the stitches! This will save you a lot of unravelling and give you a beautiful result. Hopefully the yarn ring tutorial has helped you - get crocheting!

Ideas and tips for a quick start in crochet

If you've opened this tutorial, you'll soon have a lot of luck. Crochet is fun! But it's not just a fun weekend hobby. If you know how to crochet, you can make lots of cool clothes and household items yourself! These include not only cute hats, but also blankets, scarves, jumpers and kitchen accessories like tablecloths or potholders. If you're already inspired to get started, some tips and cool crochet ideas for beginners are helpful.

Where should I start?

Crochet is the perfect hobby for those who want to do needlework at the weekend. All you need is a suitable yarn and a crochet hook.


Crochet,Crochet hooks, Crochet dress,Crochet potholders, How to crochet,


When you're just starting to learn to crochet, it can sometimes be difficult to know what to look for. That's why we've summarised the most important information for you.

Once you have mastered the basic crochet techniques, you can start crocheting your first pieces. That's why we've put together a few ideas that are easy to use, even for newbies.

So read on and get inspired!

Tip 1: How to choose the right yarn

It all depends on your preferences. You can choose from an incredible variety of yarns, regardless of your experience. At the same time, when crocheting a blanket, it is advisable to use a thicker and softer wool so that the blanket retains heat well and feels comfortable.

If you want to crochet a thin tablecloth, you should use a thin thread.

Idea 1: Crochet your first hat: Simplified version

There are hats in different shapes, some of which are easy to crochet even for beginners. For your first crocheted hat, you can do without increases and decreases and always use the same technique. This way you can crochet your first garment on the first day of practice!

Tip 2: Which crochet hook should I use?

The size of the crochet hook depends on the yarn you want to use. In most cases, the yarn package will indicate which needle size is best for the yarn.

In general, however, we can say that crochet hooks with a smaller needle size will always produce tighter stitches, while you will get looser and coarser stitches with the larger one.

If you crochet a relatively fine thread with the large needle size, you will get quite coarse stitches. You won't be able to see the right pattern. On the contrary, if you use a thick thread with a small needle size, the thread will keep slipping off the hook or not be completely caught because the hook opening is too small.

Crochet,Crochet hooks, Crochet dress,Crochet potholders, How to crochet,


Idea 2: Crochet blanket: Practice is the best guide

For a good crochet exercise and even more so to make your loops the same size, you can crochet a large but simple item.

The blanket is ideal for beginners, as only straight rows are crocheted without increases and decreases. Of course you can vary the blanket according to your wishes. You can also practice different techniques when crocheting blankets.

Crochet is very simple and perfect for relaxing a bit in your free time. If you start with the simplest things, you will soon learn to crochet more complex pieces.

You can also start a round potholder with a thread ring. Check out our potholder tutorial.

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