10 clues that he'll propose soon

Will he soon ask the question of questions ?

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10 clues that he'll propose soon

Will he soon ask the question of questions ?

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Wedding - for many women, this word immediately triggers dreams. The dream of the most beautiful day in your life, of a white dress and your boyfriend waiting for you in front of your age. Admittedly: Not every woman wants to get married (in the classical way) nowadays. But if you're one of the romantics out there and you're happily engaged, you may be secretly looking for signs that he's about to propose. Sometimes there are hints that he sees you as the love of his life. But what actually tells you that the question of questions really won't be long in coming?

Concrete hints

Hand on heart: some men are not very subtle when it comes to surprises. They act conspicuously or make so many innuendos that were supposedly just a joke that the woman quickly catches on to them. After all, you know your boyfriend best and if he makes concrete hints or behaves strangely and your gut tells you "it's coming soon" - then it's very likely true.

More family time

Fortunately, most men have the knack of keeping their plans a secret. Sometimes the proposal comes as a complete surprise. In retrospect, however, there were usually certain signs. One of them is that he suddenly wants to spend a lot of time with your family, more than usual. Suddenly he loves hanging out with your brother or writing WhatsApp messages with your parents. This is definitely a sign that he wants to integrate (more) and become part of this family. However, it's hard to see how soon the marriage proposal will come.

Missing ring

It's more obvious when you suddenly notice that a ring is missing when you look in your jewellery box. This is especially true if it is the ring that you often like to wear on your ring finger. Of course, it is also possible that you have simply lost it. But if it suddenly reappears as if it had never been gone, your friend probably stole it to find out your ring size. Similar strategies, such as measuring your finger under false pretences, are also a relatively clear indication.

Sudden interest in jewellery

To stay with jewellery: Many men are very uncertain when it comes to choosing an engagement ring. For them, it is usually out of the question that the ring should contain one or more diamonds. After all, it is a stone for eternity and the engagement ring should at best be worn for a lifetime. But otherwise they are completely overwhelmed with the choice. Because not only are there great differences in diamonds and brilliants, for example with regard to the "5 C", but also in other features such as the material, the ornamentation & Co, the choice of engagement rings is huge. Most men therefore try - more or less - inconspicuously to find out what you would like. So he always brings up the subject of jewellery or asks you what you think of your girlfriend's ring, what colours of gemstones you like, whether you actually prefer gold or silver...and much more. If he develops a sudden and unusual interest in your jewellery preferences, he's bound to propose soon.

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Save money

There can of course be many reasons why your boyfriend is suddenly saving (more). Maybe he talks openly about wanting to buy a new car or he wants to buy his own home - ideally with you, of course. But if you can't explain why he has suddenly become a thrifty person, even though he has been rather generous with his money before, he might want to buy a ring. Especially the ones with diamonds are anything but cheap. But he certainly doesn't want to give you just any ring, but the "perfect" one. Maybe he has already chosen it and is saving up for it. Or maybe he's just at the point where your relationship is encouraging him to save in general, because he has new dreams with you, like owning a home or going on a trip around the world together. Both signs are positive and therefore a sign that a marriage proposal will follow in the near or more distant future.

Joint account

How he deals with the subject of money can give you important clues about how serious he is about the relationship with you. At the beginning, it's perfectly normal for finances to be kept strictly separate. But if at some point you want to buy a property together, have children or implement other big plans, a joint account is usually indispensable. It means a certain amount of trust and commitment. So if he suggests a joint account, he seems to have plans for the future with you. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to throw all your money together, but at least certain expenses, such as the rent for your shared flat, can be handled more easily. Each couple can find their own solution - and when the time has come, the wedding bells should be ringing soon.

Wedding as a theme

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With the joint account, the "I" and "you" have already become a "we". If he only speaks in the "we" form anyway, even when talking about the future, this is another sign that he sees you as the woman to marry. It becomes even clearer if he brings up the subject openly and honestly. Some men make no secret of the fact that they want to marry their partner one day. He may even ask you directly what you think about marriage, whether you would say "yes" to a proposal and so on... After all, open and proper communication is a positive thing in any relationship, so you know where you stand.

Wedding as a taboo subject

Other men, on the other hand, want to rely on the surprise effect and therefore pursue the opposite strategy. They deliberately avoid the topic of marriage and are exaggeratedly dismissive when asked about it. "I never want to get married" are classic phrases that come up. Of course, it may be that he is actually so minded. So if the marriage proposal doesn't come even after many years of waiting, but the wedding would be important to you, it is advisable to have an open conversation - but please without pressure or ultimatums, because these destroy any relationship, no matter how good it is. Sometimes it pays to be patient, because maybe he is planning a marriage proposal after all, and then the joy is all the greater thanks to the surprise.

Planned surprise

He may even announce a surprise, such as a weekend trip to a secret location or a special dinner. So if you feel or know that he is planning something behind your back, an engagement ring could be involved.

Visible nervousness

The better you know your boyfriend and the worse he is at hiding his nervousness, you may even notice that he is visibly excited. Whether it's a surprise, a trip or another occasion, inexplicable nervousness can indicate that the question is imminent.

...The genuflection

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At the latest, when he actually gets down on one knee in front of you in a romantic moment, you probably only have to wait a few seconds. Because there is hardly any other occasion for kneeling than a marriage proposal - unless the man's shoelace is untied. At the same time, this makes it clear that you should not have too high expectations or wait impatiently for a proposal. Everything comes as it should, as the saying goes. So just enjoy your time together and then you'll be all the more pleased when he surprises you with his question. Nothing is more off-putting to men than a woman who is visibly waiting for the wedding or building up pressure. If, on the other hand, you are relaxed, it is all the more desirable!