Overcoming stressful phases with a healthy diet 🍲

Stressful time? It's easier this way!

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Overcoming stressful phases with a healthy diet 🍲

Stressful time? It's easier this way!

Healthy diet

In the course of a year, there are always moments when life doesn't really want to be. Everything seems to go wrong and you also lack the strength. Of course, in such a moment, you can simply wait for everything to get better again by itself, or you can become active and simply take matters into your own hands from then on.

diet, bad luck, diet change, eat healthy, diet plan lose weight, eat to lose weight

In order to be able to master stressful phases in life, you first need more well-being. Stress often means a loss of control and everything demands so much of your time that the most important time of all, that for yourself, is missing. To find your way back to your own well-being, you don't have to plan your grand retreat.


It is enough to do a few small things differently in everyday life. One element that is too often overlooked in stress is nutrition. Yet food sometimes works not only when you want to satisfy hunger, but also when you want to pamper your soul.
Unfortunately, during stressful phases, food and especially its preparation are usually prepared as quickly as possible. For many days, you eat something quick on the go or turn to ready-made meals.

Everyone knows by now that food strengthens the immune system. But even less common is the knowledge that food can even contribute to mental well-being. But how should we imagine this? Well, there are numerous elements that create a connection between the emotional feeling and the intake of food. New smells, fiery spices and dishes that transport you back to your favourite place. It is not only the culinary variety that good food offers that appeals to the senses, but also the ritual itself that the preparation and, of course, the eating signify.

diet, bad luck, diet change, eat healthy, diet plan lose weight, eat to lose weight

Especially in a time when there is hardly any time for beautiful moments, it is important not to let yourself be deprived of certain things. Food, like the delicious avocado, gives strength and provides the body with everything it needs. Variety, the joy of experimenting and trying things out - good food has so many beautiful sides that can always be tested anew.

The self-experiment - which foods work best

In fact, there are a lot of very specific foods that can reduce stress. You have to find out for yourself which of them can really help you. Not every body reacts in the same way, and just because a food promises a special effect but you don't like its taste, you don't have to force yourself to include it in your diet.

diet, bad luck, diet change, eat healthy, diet plan lose weight, eat to lose weight

Healthy diet

In the right measure, it is often the foods that you don't actually associate with healthy eating that help you through dark days. The best example of this is probably dark chocolate. It has a surprising number of positive effects, but the prerequisite is that you choose high-quality chocolate. The higher the cocoa content, the greater the boost to your concentration, among other things.

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Dark chocolate

Advantages of dark chocolate

Some of the benefits of dark chocolate that make it a popular choice: It contains more antioxidants than other types of chocolate. Dark chocolate contains more cocoa solids per serving. Dark chocolate also contains more serotonin than milk or white chocolate. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain that increases feelings of happiness, vitality and well-being.

Health benefits: The main reason most people like dark chocolate so much is that it has many beneficial properties. It is rich in flavonoids, which help lower blood pressure, and some of them are even good for our mental health! Dark chocolate also contains a lot of fibre, calcium, iron, potassium, manganese and various other vitamins and minerals. However, all these substances are balanced out by the high saturated fat content.

This is why you should eat a piece of chocolate every day

The main substance that does this is called anandamide. Anandamide, or anandamide hydroxylamide, is found in the brain and various other parts of the body. This substance is thought to activate the release of dopamine in the brain, chemicals that increase serotonin activity, leading to feelings of happiness and the feeling of being in a "good mood".

The antioxidant content in dark chocolate helps prevent oxygen from damaging cell membranes. Studies have shown that flavanols, which are also found in dark chocolate, can prevent certain types of cancer and stimulate the immune system. Antioxidants also help protect our DNA from free radical damage. Free radicals cause cell damage and lead to mutations in our genetic code. This can lead to disease and ageing; however, antioxidants counteract these effects.


Another advantage of dark chocolate, according to recent studies, is that it provides higher amounts of "good" cholesterol in some people than in others. The reason for this is that the fat in cocoa solids allows the "good" cholesterol to encapsulate itself. Only the molecules of HDL are visible to the bloodstream. The "bad" cholesterol, the LDL, is not encapsulated and is flushed out with the blood plasma.

When chocolate manufacturers process the cocoa solids, they add a simple sugar to the mixture. It is added because it improves the texture of the product. The sugar makes the cocoa mass softer and smoother. Adding the sugar also reduces or eliminates some of the aftertaste that many people associate with chocolate, which is why some people refer to chocolate as "biting" or "sour".

If you are particularly strict with yourself when it comes to nutrition, you should treat yourself to something good every now and then. After all, you really deserve it after all the stress and only in this way is it possible to see the light at the end of the tunnel again and again.

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