Do you have true friends? This is when real friendship begins

Do you have true friends? This is when real friendship begins

Do you have a real girlfriend?

Do you have true friends? This is when real friendship begins

Do you have a real girlfriend?

"Finding a true friend is like winning the lottery, but not as unlikely. The great thing is that a true friend takes you as you are." (Martin Hecht) True friendship is almost as hard to find as true love. Because you first have to prove yourself worthy of the title "true friend". Often there are no more than one or two at the most who really earn it. An article on the topic of true friendship.

True friendship takes time

True friends do not, of course, include the hundreds of Facebook friends. In reality, true friends can be counted on one hand. Friends are the two or three people you can rely on and who pick you up when you're in a bad way. And that without compromise.


Publicist of the book "True Friendship" Martin Hecht confirms this in his work and reassures and by saying that it is quite normal to have only fewer of this kind of friends. "Because there are not many people who are perfect for each other," he justifies his statement. "True friendships, moreover, do not simply develop from one moment to the next, but take time to unfold."

How exactly does a good friendship work?

Like any other good relationship, friendship consists of give and take. What matters is mutual empathy and sensitivity. Good friends should also be able to talk to each other about existing conflicts. Only in this way can a healthy relationship overcome problems and challenges in the long run.


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Our lives are determined by change. People change and you change too. Even a true friendship continues to develop. This requires a certain degree of flexibility on the part of the individual. If you insist with all your might that your boyfriend or girlfriend has to stay the way he or she might have been when you were young, you give your friendship little chance in the long run. Allow for change and you will notice that not only you, but also your friendship will continue to grow.

What makes friendship so important today?

Genuine friendships had a great and important meaning for people, then as now. After all, people live from relationships with other people. The difference between then and now is that there are more and more singles in the 21st century. Every third marriage and partnership breaks up. Unlike people 30 years ago, young people grow up with the belief that "happily ever after together" is rare or even non-existent. It is the fear of being alone that makes us cultivate our social contacts today more than ever. For many, friends act as a kind of substitute partner, at least for a certain period of time.

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