Erotik- Was ist erotisch? -

Erotic- What is erotic?

Eroticism? I am hotter!

Erotic, Erotic dancing, Erotic games,

Erotic- What is erotic?

Eroticism? I am hotter!

Eroticism - what is that anyway?

The Duden defines eroticism as "sensual love involving the mental-psychic sphere". So it is by no means just about "being naked" and "as much skin as possible". It is much more about stimulating the mental cinema. About the things that are not obvious. It can therefore also be objects, items of clothing, facial expressions or gestures of a person that are seen as erotic.
Eroticism slows down. Eroticism is sensual. Eroticism can mean something different for each person.

Eroticism, What is eroticism?
It should be up to each person to decide what he or she finds erotic.
Here are a few examples of what can be perceived as erotic in one or the other:

Erotic Lingerie

In sex, the body can be seen as a gift. Why not "wrap" it in the same way? It can be a great pleasure to unwrap it and find out what is hiding underneath. The motto "less is more" does not always apply here. Leave a little room for speculation and imagination. Sometimes it can also be very charming to slip into different roles. The main thing is that you feel good, then you will also show that to the outside world. Looking for lingerie? You've found it! It's worth taking a look at

Erotic touches

It can be very stimulating to erotically caress each other. As already mentioned, it can slow down the eroticism and take the pleasure to the extreme. Try circling your partner's particularly sensitive spots. Don't aim for these spots, but explore the body, maybe you'll find sensitive points that you weren't aware of before.
Erotic touches can of course also be incorporated into masturbation. Treat yourself to a few sensual caresses. A good way to start is with a massage, for example. You can get great erotic massage sets here: Erotic massage set.

Erotic poems or stories

Writing can also be erotic. Take a pen and paper and write down your most sensual fantasies. It's up to you whether you present them to a partner later or just use them for yourself to get into the mood. Maybe one or the other fantasy will be realised. You can also get input from the internet. There is now a huge, colourful bouquet of erotic stories just waiting to be ploughed by you.

Erotic movements

How about turning on some loud music and just moving sexily to it? If it seems strange at first, do it alone and close your eyes. Feel inside yourself. Maybe choose some erotic music and move in a way that feels good to you. Dancing can trigger many emotions in us, including feeling sexy and desirable. A short dance before lovemaking, alone or with a partner, can work wonders.

Erotic films for women:

Ultimately, there are no limits to your fantasies. Use the wonderful toolbox of eroticism and your imagination to take your sex life to a new level or do it for yourself.
You should think about what film is playing in your head and try to transfer it to the screen at home.
The most important thing is to communicate with your partner. Talk to each other. Ask what he/she would particularly like.
In the end, eroticism is what you make of it!

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