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Must-haves 2022: These are the things!

Fashion, fashion and fashion again, what will be the trendsetter next year?

Beauty trend "almond eyes" Almond eye surgery 👁️

Beauty trend! "Almond eyes" "Bella eyes" or "Foxy eyes" What's behind them?

Gel nails 💅

Gel nails - trends for everyday life or for special occasions? Here you can find out what you need and how you can do them yourself.

Convince with style: 10 rules for wearing watches ⌚

Watches are so much more than just an instrument!

Beautiful with gemstones: How it works! Jade Roller

Can you simply roll away dark circles and the like?

Crossed Braids

Video tutorial for the romantic style

Beautiful with gemstones: this is how it works! Jade comb

It is supposed to guarantee healthy and silky hair!