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5 things you can make from an old shirt

Number 3: a flower vase

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5 things you can make from an old shirt

Number 3: a flower vase

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Shaaaaaatz, I'm going to take one of your shirts! What you'd better not tell your lover is that he'll never see this one again. At least not as he knows it. In this article, we're going to tell you the five coolest DIY inspirations for what you can do with an old shirt. Let's go!

Number 1: Off-shoulder blouse

The off-the-shoulder blouses remain mega trendy this year. Perfect! With a few simple steps you can turn an old shirt into a trendy top. Here's how: Cut the top and bottom of the shirt straight. Press two centimetres around the shoulders, fold in again and topstitch. Leave a small opening through which you can thread the elastic with a safety pin. Sew the ends of the elastic together and then close the gap in the seam. Hem the edges at the bottom - done!

Number 2: Cushion

When the cry comes from the living room, "Honey, the cushion on our couch looks like my shirt!". Then your friend has discovered your new upcycling project. Appliqué the stars onto the shirt with zigzag stitch. Then cut two rectangles of the same size from the shirt. Now sew them right sides together and your cushion is ready to use.


Number 3: Flower vase

Not everyone has this decoration in their home. To make it, cut a sleeve off your shirt. The length corresponds to the height of the vase plus two centimetres. Now measure the circumference of the vase. Your sleeve must also have this measurement so that it fits tightly around the vase. Take away the extra centimetres at the side seams of the sleeve by sewing them down. Now cut the bottom of the vase: place the vase on the shirt, circle it with tailor's chalk and add a centimetre seam allowance. Now sew the sleeves and the bottom right sides together, turn over and place the vase inside.

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Number 4: Rock

Turn a top into a bottom? That's possible too! Measure the desired skirt length (starting from the hem of the shirt) and cut off the shirt at this point. Now sew a waistband with the right width right sides together, fold in the middle and sew right sides together with the overlock (or zigzag stitch) to the shirt.

Number 5: Heat protection

You'll never burn your fingers again with this cute cuff heat protector. The process is the same as with the flower vase. Cheers!

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